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The Benefits of Having a High-Tech Video Surveillance – Security Cameras System in Your Home or Business


High-tech security camera systems are one of the most beneficial inventions in our modern society. More and more families and business owners opt to have a reliable surveillance system to try to avoid robbery, or monitor and review theft to effectively identify who did what where, and how.


Shoplifting is a major concern among business owners all around the world. In the United States alone, more than $13 billion worth of goods are stolen from retailers every year. That’s a little more than $35 million per day. There are approximately 27 million shoplifters in the United States right now. This can be slightly discomforting since basically that means that 1 in 11 people in this country are shoplifters, or at least have recurring shoplifting tendencies.


The benefits of surveillance systems are obvious, but there are still many home and business owners out there who are having second thoughts on purchasing and installing a security cameras system. A research conducted in 2013 showed that 40% of business owners and 58% of home owners only installed surveillance camera system after an incident of theft happened. Think of how many robbery cases could’ve been prevented or traced had those homes and offices been equipped with security cameras.


Here are four good reasons for having high-tech video surveillance system in your home or business:


  1. Prevent employee theft | Sometimes, the criminal lives (or works) with you under one roof. No matter how good of a boss you are, there will always be employees who steal from the workplace on a regular basis, and this leads to heavy losses that only accumulate and go unnoticed, but un-traced or unresolved just the same. With a video surveillance system, employee actions can be monitored and future thefts can be avoided.


  1. Reduced insurance premiums and taxes | Surveillance systems can often reduce insurance premiums over a long period of time. When you make your home safer, insurance companies acknowledge that effort and reward you with insurance discounts. Installing security cameras may just get you a 20 percent discount on your monthly home insurance bill.


  1. Combining high-resolution imaging with sound recording capabilities helps business and home owners capture complete records of all activities that transpire within their property, and these recordings may be kept and stored somewhere safe, in case needed for any unforeseen incident in the future.


  1. Less anxiety, more reassurance | You can be on the most amazing, action-packed adventure of your life but still not be totally present in the moment because you’re worried; you’re constantly thinking of the possibility that your house or your office could be robbed and ransacked at any minute while you’re away. Not only will you be able to make sure nobody robs your property, you will also be able to check on your little kids, the babysitters or even the housemaid, in case you want to make sure everything is ok at home at all times. With your tablet or smartphone, you can essentially have your eyes on your home or business whether you’re away on vacation or business trip from anywhere in the world.