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We love a good challenge.. That’s why we’ve been providing commercial IT solutions for our business customers since we first opened our doors over 10 years ago. We’ve successfully completed all kinds of work, in almost every industry that utilizes commercial buildings. No matter the size of the job or how simple or complex it may be, we’d love to work with you towards your business goals.. Check out some of our commercial IT solutions below..

Low Voltage – Structured Cabling

Low Voltage – Structured Cabling is the foundation of your business network; it connects all your servers, computers, and other network devices together and enables voice, data, and multimedia traffic to be routed worldwide. Our team of experts will help put your mind at ease, by planning and installing the best cabling infrastructure to exceed your organizations expectations and requirements. From initial needs assessment, network cabling design, and project management to final delivery, Red Frog Networks will be by your side to ensure your next cabling project is completed on time and on budget with professionalism, and meticulous attention to detail.
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Business Move / Expansions

Scaling a business can be challenging as it often requires your business to move, expand the existing location, or open an additional office elsewhere. This can be overwhelming as your IT is crucial to your company’s operations and it’s likely that you’ll have equipment you’ll need to relocate, purchase, and setup before you’re running at 100% again. We highly recommend consulting with us during the planning stages of your move so we can help take away a majority of the burden regarding your IT needs. We will perform an on-site survey of both your current technology and the new location(s) so we can optimize your networking configurations for best performance, and make the transition as flawless as possible.
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Server Sales, Setup, & Maintenance
Whether you have multiple networks connected over a WAN or a single PC, we can deliver on all of your hardware and software needs. We provide server and network sales and installation services that will suit your needs exactly. We will collaborate with you to review and analyze your existing hardware and configuration, establish goals and a time line that meets your strategic needs and implement a solution that could contain any or all of the following components:

  • Physical and Virtual Servers
  • Windows PCs and Tablets
  • Networked/Wireless Printers and Plotters
  • Managed and Unmanaged Network Switches
  • Wireless Routers, Access Points and Bridges
  • VPN Appliances
  • NAS and other Network Storage devices
  • UPS devices
  • Ethernet, Fibre and Telephone Cabling

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Conference / Board Room Technology Setup

Next month’s big meeting could be a lot more effective if your conference room is well equipped for an impressive presentation. We’ve worked with hundreds of clients over the past several years regarding their conference room technology. We learned a lot about what provided them the best results, and we would be happy to provide you with a free consult to help you decide what will work best for your objectives as well. When you’re ready, we can install everything according to plan, in just a short amount of time. 
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Network Integration

Professional network design, hardware selection, implementation, and installation services are performed by Red Frog professional technicians to support your network, operations, and users. Our experienced team understands the complexities of procuring, monitoring, and managing your telecommunications equipment and services.
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Surveillance Camera Systems

Your business is vulnerable, and we can help you protect it with security cameras.  We provide a full range of services in this area, including system sales, installation, and configuration.  We have many options regarding camera systems, many that can stream live feeds right to your iPad or iPhone so you can always keep an eye on your office. Technology enables you to record surveillance footage to a DVR, and even get snapshots automatically sent to your iPhone if movement is detected while you are away from your business.
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IT Support – 570.718.0220

Red Frog offers an On-Call IT service plan for small businesses to get the IT support they need when they need it. Red Frog’s On-Call IT Service gives small businesses access to an IT department, a proactive and automated preventative maintenance schedule, and the flexibility to control IT budgets. Red Frog’s On-Call IT Service is ideal for small businesses that need regular support, without the high costs of an in-house IT staff. With just a phone call or email,  you will have access to complete network support from our remote and onsite highly trained technicians should the need arise.
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Secure Server Hosting

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Audio / Visual

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Telecommunication Systems

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Internet / Wi-Fi Network Installations & Upgrades

Do you have a ‘dead spot’ in your business where you can’t get Internet coverage?  Does your Internet connection drop constantly?  Do your downloads take forever? No matter the application, there is always a solution.  Let us bring you up to speed. Whether you use Verizon, Service Electric, Comcast, Pen-TeleData, or any other internet provider in our coverage area, we can make it lightning fast in a short amount of time. First thing’s first, let’s schedule a free site survey so we can see what you’re working with..
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Virus, Malware, Spyware and Adware Removal

Many nasty things can get into your computer as you browse the internet and access infected websites and files. Virus programs can steal personal information such as user names and passwords to your banking and other sites. We will repair or remove all of the viruses, malware, adware, and spyware and show you how to prevent from encountering those problems again.
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Why use Wilkes Barre structured cabling for your it improvements? Wilkes Barre structured cabling will provide an easy fix for cabling systems. By using Wilkes Barre structured cabling it will eliminate the headache of troubleshooting Ethernet and phone cabling. Not only is Wilkes Barre structured cabling a more simple way but it is a long lasting investment. By having Wilkes Barre structured cabling as your cabling system it makes it even easier to pair up with all vendors if you decided to change your mind on your provider. These changes can easily adjust directly through your computer, TV and electronic devices and additional connections can be added along with sharing of printers and files. Wilkes Barre structured cabling is the number one choice for all home and businesses and supplies an efficient way to video conference, add lines, share files and applications with very little headaches!

Wilkes Barre data cabling is an effective use of devices and computers and requires a standard base wiring. Using Wilkes Barre data cabling as your infrastructure ensures fewer outages and guarantees high speed performance. Wilkes Barre data cabling is a type of infrastructure improvement handled by experienced installers. Our team of Wilkes Barre data cabling experts are a knowledgeable team with years of experience in wiring and offers technical support if needed. We install Wilkes Barre data cabling and service all wiring systems and guarantee 100% great service for all consumers. By using Red Frog Networks as your provider we work directly for you and strive to install wiring correctly the first time. Our goal at Red Frog Networks, is to provide Wilkes Barre data cabling and supply great service and installation at pricing that are unbeatable.

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